MultiRight Multivitamin and Mineral Complex Low Acid Formula
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How MultiRight Began

If you've struggled with a sensitive bladder or stomach, you know just how difficult it can be to find a vitamin that doesn't irritate. Interstitial Cystitis Network Founder Jill Osborne knows from personal experience. She wrote "I haven't been able to take an adult multivitamin for the past twenty years successfully. I've tried Centrum, One A Day and a host other vitamins on the market only to experience hours of severe pain, discomfort and a sleepless night afterwards. My sensitive bladder simply can't tolerate high levels of Vitamin C."

As the leader of the worlds largest IC support group, she's taken calls thousands of patients over the years, many of whom have also asked if there was a bladder friendly multivitamin that they could take. Sadly, there wasn't. In 2012, Jill proposed the idea to the executive team at Farr Labs, LLC. Could a low acid multivitamin be created? They were intrigued by the idea and accepted her challenge. After substantial research, their answer was "yes" and so was born a new product to the international market.

MultiRight is the first low acid formula of a multivitamin to be developed and we hope that it will be more bladder and stomach friendly for patients who have struggled over the years to find a vitamin they could tolerate. The product was launched in April 2013 and we anxiously await your feedback!